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At 123 Ink Cartridges we have seen the entire evolutionary process of printing needs from the traditional Dot-matrix-Printers to the latest Laser printers in the market. We cater to the needs of an artist printing a great landscape to the                 Photo-Shop users and the students with bulk printing requirements. Our core aim is to get you maximum number of prints within the most optimized usage of printing materials. Our cartridges are compatible with all brands and models of printers, computers with legacy and modern OS. You can get the picture perfect prints of images, phonographs, Info-graphics, charts and graphs and text with ease.123 ink cartridges voucher code

123 Ink Cartridges – Quality Conscious Approach

Since the inception of 123 Ink Cartridges, we have been working towards providing you with the best of print quality. Our innovative research comprises of requirement analysis, market availability and the existing gap between the two.

  • Quality Policy: – At 123 Ink Cartridges our policy ensures the best of print quality, font size, image and photo clarity, original color print and other parameters. We evaluate all the technical parameters depending on the design and construction methods used in the cartridges. For this we ensure procuring the right kind of materials to obtain the optimum density ink, cartridge materials, design and construction. We test the page yield, machine compatibility, ink flow rate, quality of ink and other parameters regularly. Our approach lets enables us to produce the most optimized output from your chosen printer.
  • Production Standards: – We conform to all the quality standards of the models and brands of printers we support. This process normally takes a long time to evolve, especially when a company tries to be third party accessory provider to the OEM. At 123 Ink Cartridges we have installed our infrastructure to be compatible for all the printer models and brands. We work closely with the OEM in getting the accessibility to the interior designs of cartridge holders. We analyze the way in which the print command is interpreted by the printer hard ware. This includes the user selection of font size and style and color. The compatibility also needs to be in the ink flow rate for the back-color, sheet size and number of other parameters. Our experts have been successful in establishing the connectivity between 123 Ink Cartridges and every brand of printer in the market today.

123 Ink Cartridges – Product Range

At 123 Ink Cartridges you just have to name your printer and we will get you the right cartridge. We have the series of laser toners compatible with all the models and brands.

  • Printing Efficiency: – All our products are highly efficient in print quality and ink consumption. You can get the best possible page yield with every cartridge we give you.
  • Printing Speed: – enhance your printing speed multiple times with the 123 Ink Cartridges. Our products enable smooth flow of ink without letting it spill over at any point in the paper. The ingredients of the ink make the print dry within a few milliseconds.

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