Can weight be lost by only dieting?

Weight is indirectly connected to the calories. It can be lost whether you only do dieting or workout. If you achieve to lose the number of calories required to lose that weight you’re all good. However, dieting and workout work best in harmony. If you want to lose one pound of weight per week you need to cut down on 500 calories per day which sums up to 3500 calories per week, it’s a little bit of a difficult task to achieve alone by dieting.

If you’re a sporty person and like to stress your body physically take this to your advantage by burning as many calories as possible, this cuts down on how many calories you have to take out of your diet on a daily basis. However, dieting is an essential part of the process if you want to lose weight.


There is a famous saying “abs are made in the kitchen.” Muscle can be built on your body, but the loss of extra fat from the body is necessary for a good look. Even the workout can be divided into two proportions 30% workout 70% diet. When it comes to weight loss diet is far more important than the workout. Research proved diet, and not exercising Is key to losing weight faster.


While dieting is the main component to losing weight effectively, exercising is important to maintain that weight loss. If you decide to exercise while dieting as well be very consistent with your diet. One drawback exercising has, it drains energy from your body developing a hunger to eat more which might slow down weight loss. For the best outcome monitor the calorie intake and add it up with aerobics and cardio you’ll get effective results as soon as possible. Weight lifting builds muscle which stimulates metabolism and fastens it up which can also help lose weight. To get the fastest weight loss check out healthguidereviews for the best outcomes.



There are two most effective ways of maximizing weight loss. When exercising tries to evaluate and use exercises that burn most calories in the minimalist time and take a proper diet. You can use HIIT exercises for the best outcome, HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a set of exercises used in a specific pattern to maximize calorie burn in 1 hour.


A thousand calorie is a large amount to cut down from your meal, and the biggest concern or milestone you have to get through is the hunger you have to face especially for those who used to eat a lot it is difficult to get over that habit. However, the plus side to this is it’s not the calories that fill your stomach, but it’s the amount of food you eat, and many of the foods we eat have a dense structure yet low calories. Make a diet around low calories foods, so it helps you through the process of losing weight. Examples of this would be, fat-free dairy items and vegetables.

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