Physical and Psychological Tolerance to Chemicals

The human body is said to have a tolerance level to the chemicals which the different organs tend to absorb when research chemicals are consumed. This level determines to what extent the users are able to enjoy the effects of chemicals without falling victims to the negative side effects in the short and long durations of time. The tolerance level is also said to be dependent on the kinds of foods and essential fluids consumed by the user after the research chemical is said to penetrate into his body.Chemicals

Chemistry of the Research Chemicals

The chemistry factor of the research chemicals seem to be derived from the basic its elemental structure. This could decide the extent to which the receptors in the human body respond to the chemicals and accept them. For example you can consider the roles played by the Cannabidiol receptors which can accept cannabis based chemicals with least resistance in many cases.

  • The molecular structure of the chemicals could be customized according the physical structure of the human body which consumes them. For example you could consider the case of “designer Drugs” which are said to be manufactured and processed for specific groups of people like sports persons, athletes, body builders etc.
  • The chemicals are said to be custom designed to interact with the specific organs of the human body based on need. The body builders could benefit by the resistance power developed by their muscles while involved in physical workouts. This is said to be due to the way in which a specific chemical interacts with the organs of the human body. For example some people may feel enhanced appetite like never before. Some people may become extra agile and develop an even physique. These could be due to the interactive power of the chemicals with the human body and brain.
  • The sense organs could become more sensitive in the user compared his receptor levels during his “normal” times. He might be able to hear distant voices and sounds which normally would elude his ears. His extra sensory perception of the eyes could make him observe many things which normally would evade his sense organs. An example of this experience could be stated in a situation when the user is talking part in a sports event like playing ice hockey. He might be able to chase the ball skillfully on the playing ground to outsmart his opponents.
  • This sense of spontaneity seems to be derived from the structure of the chemicals which has been made to match with that of the receptor elements. This is probably one of the reasons for which the designer drugs are said to have telling effects on the way in which the baseball players increase their performance speed.Chemicals

Limitations of the Sports Performance Chemicals

The effects of sports performance chemicals are said to reduce on the human body after a certain time. At this time the body may experience “hangover” symptoms. This is also said to be the time when the user might pick up the signals of “addictive behavior” to the chemicals.

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