Overview of Chiang Mai and some useful information regarding Baan Chiang Mai

บ้าน เชียงใหม่ was founded in the year 1296. It is a mountainous city in northern Thailand. Till 1558 it was the capital city of independent Lanna Kingdom. Even today this area of the city reflects the old days. The city till now preserves traces of walls and moats from the past and is now considered as a cultural and religious place. Numerous Buddhist temples including WatPhra Singh of 14th-century and WatChediLuang of 15th-century which were sculpted with dragons and snakes on them are situated in the city.บ้าน เชียงใหม่

A person who has to stay away from home Chiang Mai has various options for them. Wararom Premium Villages in Chiang Mai is one of them. The village has a 3-storey house with 34 detached house located at Wat Gate, AmphurMuang, Chiang Mai. The project covers a total area of 8 rai 2 ngan43.3 sq.w. Ample amount of facilities are available here, for example, CCTV, magnetic alarm system, downstairs in all project, central park project, and check in / out. Mr. Coffee, Coffee Shop, Sushi & Bakery, Japanese Restaurant, and Cookery are some very famous spots near this project. Wararom Premium Town Hall is another well-located project in Chiang Mai. It is situated on Chiangmai Road. The village is so huge that it provides a wide amount of privacy and calmness. The house in this project is so designed that it provides extra security and safety to its residents. Residents can have a good view of the sacred DoiSuthep. The village contains 2-storey houses with modern furniture. 700 years old stadium, Chiangmai Government Center, Lumphun Market, Meechok Plaza, Central Festival Chiangmai and Nakorn Ping Hospital makes this village a great place to live in.

Luxury Single House in Chiang Mai has detached houses designed in a contemporary style without compromising the luxury. The main attraction of this project is a large lake and nature. Luxury combined with nature makes it the perfect home for people who desire for both. Moreover, it has famous mountain views of Chiang Mai. The project is located in AmphoeMueang. Park, lake, CCTV camera, 24-hour security are some of the facilities provided in this project. Chiangmai University, Chiang Mai Airport, Big C, Central Airport Plaza, Doi Kham Temple, Chiangmai University, Chiang Mai University, Rajpruek Park,  Chiang Mai Town, Makro are the places easily accessible from this project."บ้าน เชียงใหม่ "

The Greenery Loft is another unique and beautiful project in Chiang Mai. With 92 detached 2 Story Houses the project covers an area of 20 rai 2 ngan 19 sq.w. with over 2 rai of greenery. Covering a green area of 3200 sq.m the project has 92 Detached Houses along with the park, running track, clubhouse, and ramp for wheelchairs. Someone who buys a house in this project can even customize the design of the house. It is situated in the sub-district of Nongpakrach. Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, Central Festival Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station, Big C Extra, Promenade Chiang Mai, Payap University, can be reached conveniently from this project.

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