The Application And Advantages Of Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

There are a number of advantages of using an liquid applied roofing system that most people simply were smitten by its use.  Most roof needs some sort of water proofing solution and in the old days innovative uses of tar, resins, etc, gave the roof the necessary protection against water ingress and moisture.  There were advantages to each system adopted back then but the development of petroleum based material that are in use at present gave a number of advantages to the users and the contractors that came up to apply the coatings on the roofs

The plus points to liquid applied roofing systems

            -Cost: If economy of application is to be considered, then there would not be a better suited application of technology and products than in liquid applications on roof tops.  The ability to cover the smallest of cracks and chips, the system is a must have in most situations and particularly for places where there is water logging and stagnant water.

Taken on a per square foot basis, the polymer coating are presently the most effective in terms of cost of application.

Ease of usage: The liquid based systems are the most simple and convenient ways of waterproofing and making water tight spaces particularly directly under the roof structures.  The light weight to most poly vinyl coatings would mean that additional expenses need not be done to strength and fortify the buildings to facilitate a coating.

If the sheer simplicity of usage is taken into account, there could not be something as simple as the liquid treatments.   It not only prevents water seepage but affords a complete solution to a leaking roof that most flustered landlords would be looking for.

Prevents disruption: If the convenience and ease of application is taken into account, there would not be something simpler than the use of poly fluids.  If this method is used in situations where the buildings are preoccupied, then the disruption to normal business activities are kept to a minimum.  Thus the method would prevent the least loss of earnings if a business premise is considered for treatment.

The simpler alternative: Compared to the different choices that are available in the market both in terms of availability as well as ease of use, the liquid application would stand heads above any other alternatives. So people do not resort to this method simply because it is convenient but because it is also cost effective too.

Maintenance free: One of the most dreaded terms that most landlords fear is maintenance.  It simply does not feel good to spend money unnecessarily as it would directly affect the returns from the investment to a property.  Thus the simple and maintenance free procedure that liquid coating provides only makes it rather convenient to have around.


There would not be a best suited method of waterproofing roof tops for all time.  As better substances are introduced the older materials and methods would be relegated to the backburner.  Thus the use of liquid coating is at best the solution of the times and better substances and material are bound to follow.

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